What areas do Chiqas cover?

Chiqas are based in London and will happily travel to venues in London and surrounding areas. Please note that we are happy to travel further afield, however travel charges may incur. 

What facilities do Chiqas require?

We will require armless chairs (four if you would like the quartet, three for trio etc) and light refreshments would be greatly appreciated.

Do you take many breaks? 

Typically for a two hour booking Chiqas would take one twenty minute break.

What if I would like Chiqas to play for longer than the advised time?

Without hesitation Chiqas will play for as long as you like, however please note that charges will incur for every extra hour you would like us to play for. 

Do Chiqas play for proposals?

Absolutely! We play for all functions and occasions!

What if I want a different combination of musicians for my event?

You can have any combination eg a cellist and a singer. Also please note that some of our musicians are multi-instrumentalists so do not hesitate to ask if there's anything else you'd like and we'll do our best to cater to your needs!

What if I want a song that's not on your set list?

Chiqas has an extremely talented arranger who meticulously arranges every song  we have on our set list specifically for us. If there's a particular song that you like there is no problem in having it arranged for you for an extra cost.

Can I choose the music you play, or do you choose it?

You have total control over what music is played at each part of your special day! Around 6 weeks before your date, we will send you our 'setlist checklist' for you to handpick your music. If you would rather leave it to us to choose it, that too is no problem, just drop Clodagh an email and she will be happy to help!