"Thank you for taking our breath away"

Mr & Mrs Coxon, September 2016

String Ensembles

In order to accommodate exactly what you want for your event, Chiqas offer a selection of string ensembles which you can have for your service. 

Please note that all of these ensembles offer the same repertoire on their set lists, which can be found under 'Set Lists'

All ensembles can play acoustically or with amplification from our own PA system.

String Duo

Our String Duo comprises of a violinist and a cellist. This ensemble would be ideal for a smaller venue, and suits a smaller budget perfectly. Our string duo looks elegant and adds a touch of class to any event.

String Trio

Our String Trio comprises of a violinist, violist and cellist. We would recommend this ensemble to those who have a smaller budget for their event, but want that extra player to get a sound closer to a string quartet. 

String Quartet

Our String Quartet comprises of two violinists, a violist and a cellist. We would highly recommend this setting to anyone who is having a slightly larger event. With four players, our string quartet promises a full sound and luscious texture to our songs. 

String Ensembles with Drummer

All groups mentioned above come with the incredibly popular option of adding our drummer.If your event or wedding reception is slightly smaller and perhaps a full drum kit would be too invasive for your guests and space, we have the extremely popular option of having our drummer play cajon, which is a box she sits on (pictures above). This is very subtle, would be completely acoustic for the whole ensemble and adds something very unique and special to your reception.  It is perfect for outdoor weddings or events, smaller weddings or events, or those of you who would love something different at your event, and want a funky beat added to their favourite tunes without it being too invasive to their guests. To get a better idea of how this sounds, see the SoundCloud link below of our string quartet and cajon cover of 'Halo': 

String Ensemble with Drummer and Singer- Chiqas Function Band

Our function band/ addition of drummer and singer to our string groups offer an extremely unique line up, guaranteeing your event or wedding reception is unforgettable. Consisting of any of the string ensembles mentioned above (string duo, trio or quartet) with drums and vocals, we turn the cello line into a funky bass and bring out the sultry violin lines that give that extra bit of sparkle to current and classic pop.

Ranging from a smaller line up of string duo, singer and drummer which would suit a smaller venue or acoustic outdoor set, to a 6 piece band, our function band come with their own PA system, ensuring each instrument is heard and brings out the party atmosphere. We also offer a larger strings group of 8 instruments along with drummer and singer for your event. 

For more information on what packages our groups have to offer for weddings, please refer to our 'Weddings' page.